For more than 20 years consumers enjoy the taste of products made by Mogador s.r.o.

About us

Mogador s.r.o. is one of the leading producers in the breakfast cereals sector.

Family owned company with background of 2 factories in Otrokovice in the eastern part of the Czech Republic.

Mass production of crunchy, granola and traditional müsli, instant porridges, puffed cakes, instant drinks, biscuits and baked cereals, all specially under private labels.

We provide complete services from packaging preparation through product development, manufacturing to logistics.

Materials are provided in high quality directly from producers and primary suppliers going through strict quality control on receipt to guarantee the best quality of final products.

Our company has BRC and IFS Certification on the higher level.


– crunchy, granola and traditional

Instant porridges

– oat, spelt, buckwheat, rice, millet

Puffed rice cakes

– plain or with chocolate

Top cups

– material providing and filling

Contact form

Mogador s.r.o.

tř. Tomáše Bati 1664
(industrial area TOMA a.s.)
765 02 Otrokovice, Czech Republic

contact person

Ms. Ilona Polnarova
tel: +420 577 663 058
mobile: +420 777 752 009